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Bid Retriever for Windows 10

The Bid Retriever Desktop Sync application can be downloaded and installed on Windows 10 PCs. Click the button to download the Windows Desktop Sync Tray Application.

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Bid Retriever for Cloud

If you are using a Cloud service that deploys all of your applications to each user’s device, we have a special version of the Bid Retriever Desktop Sync application for you!   It is compatible with most of the leading “Cloud” based services.

Steps to Install the Desktop Sync Application

1. Download The Installer File

Click on the appropriate button above to download the Windows 10 or Cloud Installer file.  Next, locate the downloaded installation file and start the installation by “clicking” on the file.  The file will typically be located in your downloads directory or shows at the bottom of your internet browser.

2. Run The Installer File

When the Installer Window is displayed, click on the next button and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

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3. Configure The Application

When the application starts, it should display the setup screen with the “Account” tab selected. Enter your email and password and then press the “Validate Your Account Information” button.

Note: If the application does not appear after installation, check to see if the Bid Retriever Icon is displayed in your system tray. If it is, click and select “Settings.

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(1) Next, select the “Location” tab in the synch app window.
(2) Then, click on “Select Folders”. This will bring up a window from which you can choose which location on your computer you want your projects downloaded into.
(3) Select the location in your computer where you want project documents to be downloaded. If you want to create a new folder to store Bid Retriever documents in, use the “Make New Folder” button.

You’re All Done! Nice Job!

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