Bid Retriever Features

Bid Retriever provides tools to make a subcontractor more efficient when dealing with project files hosted online by General Contractors or Owners. Our customers report huge savings in time and less errors related to project documents.

See what Bid Retriever can do for you...

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Automatic Project Retrieval

​General Contractors each use a different online planroom or bid tool to host projects.
Bid Retriever automatically downloads all of your project documents from any online system saving you the time and aggravation!

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Project Document Publishing

When we locate the files, we transfer them to the destination of your choice. We can publish your projects to file sharing sites like Dropbox, or Microsoft One Drive or we can publish the files directly to your PC.

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Indexing & Standardization

When we process your project files, we download exactly what was on the source to your system. Then we process the drawings to create a perfect set of drawings: Split into single sheets, named with the sheet number, and name, rotated, and compared to the previous version.​

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Integrated Viewer

If you need to quickly view the project documents, Bid Retriever provides the industries fastest, and most productive viewer in the industry. Quickly find and view exactly what you want, and create your own favorite set!

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Project Dashboard / Calendar

The project dashboard allows everyone to see the current information, documents and status for every project. And the Project Calendar allows you to see all project dates so you never miss another deadline!

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Enhanced Specifications

All project specifications are split into separate files for each specification section. The system uses the latest CSI 2016 codes so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for without paging through 1,000’s of pages!

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Automatic Comparison Drawings

After automatically detecting project versions, Bid Retriever creates a comparison drawing for each revision. Additions are shown in b;ie, removals in red. Now you can see exactly what changed in just a few seconds.

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Version Control

Every night the system checks the online planroom to see if there have been any changes. It then determines if each change is a new or revised file and provides you a list of revisions. You can quickly see the entire version chain!

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Takeoff Integration

Getting the drawings you need to complete your online takeoff is much more efficient with Bid Retriever. It allows you to select which files you want and then can create TIFF or JPG files that maketakeoff faster!

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