Communications Log

The Communications Log stores any emails that you send to be processed by Bid Retriever. It also stores any emails we have sent you regarding projects in your dashboard. Once you are subscribed to Bid Retriever, you gain the ability to set email auto-forwarding rules which will automatically forward your entire inbox to this communications log. That way, instead of sifting through email subjects in your inbox to look for new projects, you can just open you Communications log to instantly see what you want.

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Communication Status

Red “X” – When you forward us an invitation to bid that does not contain a valid/recognizable link to the project’s plans, that email will appear in the communications log with a red “X” adjacent to it. These projects should be uploaded manually.

Yellow Clock – Yellow clocks are displayed next to emails we have received from you which are not invitations to bid. This category includes any emails that we have sent to you. The symbol is in this grid so that when you’re looking for a particular invitation to bid you can quickly disregard anything with a yellow clock.

Green Check Mark – Invitations to bid you send us which contain valid links to project source sites that our system recognizes will receive a green check-mark, indicating that our system is automatically processing the project, which will appear in your “My projects” dashboard to be managed/viewed normally. 

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