Custom Views

A “View” determines how the information in your “My Projects” dashboard is displayed. There are a variety of pre-created views you can choose from in order to customize the way you review your projects.

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Creating Custom Views

To create your own custom “View”, select the Views dropdown menu in the top left-hand corner of your “My Projects” dashboard. Then click “Manage Project Views” which is highlighted in blue at the bottom of said menu. This will bring you to the “Manage Views” Menu. From this menu you may do three things:
  1. Edit View: Editing a view allows you to modify an existing view.
  2. Copy View: Copying a view will create a completely new view based on the structure/filters of the view which you copied. This should be used when you want to change one or two elements of an existing view, rather than creating a completely new view from scratch.
  3. Add View: Selecting this option will bring you directly to the “Create View” menu. This is essentially a blank canvas from which you can create a completely new view from the ground up.

"Edit View/Add View" Menu

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