Desktop Sync Application

The Desktop Sync Application allows licensed users to synchronize project information to a local PC, Laptop or Mobile Device.  This page provides information on how to configure and use the application.  For information on how to download and install the application, click on the Button below.  If you are having problems click on the Troubleshooting button for help.

Once you have installed and performed your system setup, there are configuration options that allow you to customize the Desktop Sync App.

Download the Desktop Sync App.

Account Tab

The account tab allows the user to enter their authentication information into the Bid Retriever Desktop Sync application.

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Sync App Settings

The Sync Settings allow you to control which projects will be copied to your local device, as well as manage previously downloaded projects.

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Remove Local Files When Project is Deleted

If you no longer want a project to be stored on your local device, you can click on the “Remove Local Files When Project is Deleted” button, and the system will delete all of the files off of your local device.  DON’T WORRY….  If you later need to access the project files again, you can simply Restart the Project Sync and all of the files will be copied from the Bid Retriever Cloud Storage back to your local device.

Stop Sync

If you are on a mobile network connection, or just a slow connection, you may want to turn off project sync to reduce bandwidth usage.  At any time you can click the “Stop Sync” check box at the bottom of the page and Bid Retriever will immediately suspend sync operations.   When you are back on a fast network, you can uncheck the “Stop Sync” checkbox and the system will continue copying data to your local device.

Choose Project Storage Location

You can choose a location on your local PC, or Network Server where the Bid Retriever Desktop Sync application will write your project documents.  Click on the Select Folders button, and choose a location.   For Advanced users, you can enter a UNC path into the text path to connect directly to a network share.  When you select your location, the system will check to make sure that you have adequate space and show the amount of free space.

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NOTE: Try to choose a location to store files that is as short as possible. Many of the project files have long paths and filenames which could cause problems because Windows is limited to around 240 characters for the entire path and filename. So if you pick a very long location on this screen, some project files may not be able to sync to your local PC or Server.

Sync Tab

The Sync Settings allow you to control which projects will be copied to your local device, as well as manage previously downloaded projects.

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Open Project

If you want to quickly access a project files, you can click the “Open Project” button and the system will open Windows File Explorer with the project selected.  This makes it easier to navigate to a project when you have large numbers already stored on your local device.

Remove From Disk

This will remove projects you have downloaded from Bid Retriever onto a disk. 

Pause Project Sync / Activate Project Sync

You can enable or disable syncing for individual projects.  Select one or more projects and click “Pause Project Sync” to disable synch for inidividual projects.  Select “Activate Project Sync” on any project that you want to enable project synching.

Re-Sync Entire Project

If you want the system to verify and correct the local synched project on the local device, you can click Re-Syn Entire Project and the system will make sure that latest information is on the local drive.

Email Support

Use the Email Support option when you would like to send information about a problem to the Bid Retriever support team.  They will be able to remotely troubleshoot your problems and hopefully find a solutions.

Clear Log

When major changes are made to the application you may want to clear the logs on your local device.  Click the Clear Logs button.

Reset All

The Reset All option is a “Last Resort” option.  If your desktop sync is not functioning properly, you can initiate the Reset All option.  It will delete all local settings and then re-setup the application.

Status Tab

The Status Tab shows the status of the each sync operation.

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Info Tab

The Info Tab displays information that can be helpful when working with Bid Retriever support.

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