Managing Bid Retriever Users

Bid Retriever allows multiple users to be assigned to each account.  Defined users can submit projects to Bid Retriever and the projects will be published to the Customer’s destination.  The following functions can be used to manage users.

Add Users

When the portal opens, click on the “User Setup” on the left menu, and then click on the “Add User” button.

User Setup 1 Orig E1648229373755 768x367

The “Add User” form will be displayed.  Enter as much information as possible and press the “save” button.

User Setup Add User Orig 768x673

Enter the email address, name, phone number and password for each user.
Select the User’s “Role”:

  • User – Users can submit projects by forwarding an email to Bid Retriever, and have projects assigned to them in the system. They can also view projects assigned to other users in their Bid Retriever account. These users are FREE users.
  • Admin – Contacts who can submit projects and access all functions of the Bid Retriever system including the viewer, markup tools, Project Dashboard and Desktop Sync Tray application.
  • System Admin – Contacts who have access to all Bid Retriever functionality including the payment information.

Press the “Save” button to save all changes.

Edit Users

First click on the user in the grid that you would like to edit. Then Click the “Edit User” button to edit the information about an existing user.

Uuser Setup Edit User Orig 768x676

Change the User’s first name, last name, phone number, password, or User Role. Press “Save” to save all changes.

NOTE:  The user’s email cannot be changed.  If you have a different email, you must create a new user.

Remove Users

Select the user you would like to remove, and then click the “Remove User” button. The system will display a message to confirm that you want to delete the user.

Remove User

Press the “Yes” button to remove the user or “Cancel” to stop the removal process.

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