My Calendar

The My Calendar tab allows users to see and view all calendar events.  This includes project dates and tasks as well as general office and personal tasks (Vacations).  The calendar provides users with central location to find all relevant dates and tasks.

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View Project Button

The view project button will display the project details page if the calendar event is related to a project.  The Event Preview panel at the left side of the display allows users to get a quick overview of the event and related project without opening the Project Details window.

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Add Event Button

The add event button allows a user to create a new event or task directly from the calendar.  This option is good when the user is trying to locate a date to schedule an available time.  Events can also be added to a project directly, but it is difficult to locate a free time from that user interface.

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Edit Event

When a user wants to change an event, they can select the event and initiate the Edit Event action.   Events that are related to a project can also be edited by editing the project.  However, it is more difficult to select available dates and times from that view.

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Delete Event

The My Calendar Tab allows the user to select and delete any event.  All the user needs to do is select the event and select the Delete Event action.

Edit Project

The My Calendar view also allows a user to edit a project related to any event.   Simply select the event and then click on the Edit Project action.  If the event is not associated with a project, the app will notify you that the project cannot be edited. 

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