Project Sharing

If you work with suppliers or other subcontractors, you may need to share the project documents with them.  Bid Retriever makes it easy to share your projects with your suppliers and other team members.

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Share Project With Other Contacts

Bid Retriever allows a user to enter contact information into the system that identifies the contacts who can access the project.  The system then sends the contact an email that contains links to view or download the project.

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Share Project With A Link

Bid Retriever allows you to copy a link to your clipboard that can be copied into an email, a document or added to a web page.  The links allow the user to either download all of the project files to their local PC, or view the project documents directly in Bid Retriever.
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Example Notification

The user will receive an email that contains links that allow them to:
  • View the project information online
  • Download the projects with a single click
  • View the project documents in an online viewer
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    Other Features

    There are many other features that Bid Retriever uses to make sure you never have to waste time with project drawings:
  • ​Automatic Rotation – All drawings are rotated so you can read them without straining your neck!
  • Standardized PDF Files – We convert all files to a PDF/A format.  This assures it is compatible with all your suppliers or subcontractors.
  • What Files Changed – When they send you all of the project drawings, we can determine which have changed.  No more guessing!
  • Full Text Searching –  All of the PDF files contain searchable text.  Now you can find that pump call out in 2 seconds!
  • Flexible File Organization –  Don’t like the way we name the files or create directories?  Customize it to how you want it!
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