Projects with Missing Links

Sometimes GCs send out invitations to bid without remembering to include a link to projects, while other times the link they include has been mistakenly altered to the point that our system does not recognize it as a source from which it should download files. When our system fails to recognize a link to project files within an invitation to bid, that email will be displayed in your “Communications Log” with a red “X” next to it. This is done to notify you of the issue. 

Red X Communications Log Orig E1648229303763 1024x486

To make sure you get a valid project source link, reach out to the person who sent you the invitation, and ask them to send a correct one. Our system would automatically recognize it, and create a project for that invitation if the GC resent it with a valid link. 

Manually Uploading Projects

If you have received an invitation to bid that does not contain a valid link to a website where the plans are being stored, you will need to upload that project’s plans manually to Bid Retriever in order for it to be stored, and tracked in our system.

To do this, select the “Add Project” button in the “My Projects” dashboard.

Add Project Orig E1648229325483 1024x486

Click-and-drag the project files into the window in the menu that appears.

Add Project 2 Orig 768x542

Note: Projects that you have manually uploaded to Bid Retriever will not automatically be updated with addenda on a nightly basis unless you acquire a valid source system for this project. If you ever acquire a valid source system for this project it can be added using the “source” tab of the “Add Project” window.

Add New Source To Project Orig

Projects with Invalid Source Systems

If the source system that a project is being stored on requires a username/password for a user to access those plans, you will need to update your Bid Retriever “System Settings” with those credentials before our system will be able to automatically upload documents from that source system.​ These invitations to bid will also appear in your communications logs with “red X’s”. 

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