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One of the primary goals of Bid Retriever is to be extremely simple to use.  So simple that most users will not need any sort of support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Below are responses to some of the most-asked questions about Bid Retriever.

Usually small to medium sized projects appear in around 15 minutes after being submitted. Projects with large numbers of documents will take longer. Also the speed of the project’s source will affect the time it takes us to process your project. Check the Bid Retriever Project Dashboard to see your project’s status.

Yes. You can submit an unlimited number of projects. However, the first two of our three subscription tiers have limits on the number of new projects you are allowed to submit per month. If you submit more projects than your subscription allows, you will receive an email warning you that your new projects will not be processed. You can upgrade to a higher subscription level to increase the number of active projects available.

All of your project information is strictly private. We are highly concerned about recent trends by some bid management companies to publish information about what contractors are bidding each project. We believe your information is private and should not be shared!

Yes. Once you register, you can access the Project Dashboard and manage your list of active projects. You can select one or more projects and select “Other Actions” and then “Delete Project”. You can also archive projects if you think you may want to access the information later.

Yes. If you upgrade to the Basic Subscription the system will allow you to enter your Dropbox credentials so that we can post projects directly into your Dropbox system. You can also specify a directory in your Dropbox where Bid Retriever will publish your project information.

Yes. We support over 20 destination systems.

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