Automatic Project Retrieval & Bid Management

Save time, eliminate manual processes and prevent rework by connecting, organizing and managing project bids, and their documents  – all in one system so your team can work more collaboratively and stay ahead of deadlines.

Free Up Your Focus with Powerful AI

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Aggregate Bid Invitations

Eliminate the need to sort through your inbox and multiple plan rooms for project documentation with a clean, duplicate-free list of projects. 

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Manage Clients Strategically

Centrally track client profiles, store bid and job history, and classify preferred clients based on past experiences and job profitability. 

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Bid With Confidence

Ensure you always have access to the latest bid documents and evaluate all project data in single platform so you can make informed bid decisions. 

Generate Your Bid Board

Keep your entire team up-to-date on the status of each project. Bid Retriever aggregates all ITBs into an easy-to-use bid board, including a calendar with scheduling information, for optimal project transparency and team collaboration.

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Automatic Version Control and Comparison Drawings

No more hunting for changes on plans! Bid Retriever identifies all drawing changes and automatically creates a comparison of the multiple versions. Any change to a file is indicated as a revision and is overlaid on the previous version to highlight changes.

Quickly Review Documents with Our Integrated Viewer

Our fast, user-friendly document viewer is integrated with all project information to easily navigate between documents, create your own “Favorite” drawings for faster analysis, review prior revisions and comparisons, and create markups to share with other team members. 


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Concrete Takeoff Estimating Software

Publish Documents to Your Takeoff & Estimating Software

With Bid Retriever, you can publish files directly to file-sharing sites, and import them into most takeoff and estimating software tools. Configure one or more publishing destinations, each with different options. 

Retrieve Project Documents From All Leading Sources

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