STACK + Billd

Estimate more profitable projects. Execute them all confidently.

With 10x faster takeoffs from STACK and up to 120-day terms from Billd, you can focus on what matters: delivering on promises to your customers, team, and partners. 


New Billd Customers Get 1 Year of STACK Free

Cannot be combined with any other offer.

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Finance $50K of materials
or receivables

GCs will make you wait, Billd won’t. Get advances as soon as the same day. 

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Receive 1 year of STACK,
paid for by Billd

More estimates out the door, less stress about bid deadlines.


Bid for your biggest
year yet!

Take the guesswork out of estimating & project finances & get more $#!t done.

With STACK + Billd, you can:

Eliminate money worries. As the first person to buy and the last person to be paid upfront costs can be high. Billd’s 120-Day terms ensure teams have the money they need on day one to overcome high upfront costs.

Bid more, win more. Billd’s flexible payment terms allow you to ensure you can secure the funds necessary to pay for materials and upfront costs, giving you the freedom to bid strategically and increase your profitability. 

Streamline your process. Request a quote for financing directly in STACK’s interface. The resulting quote can then be entered into your STACK estimate.

Integration Summary

STACK and Billd empower contractors to win more business. STACK provides a more streamlined and collaborative takeoff and estimating process for creating bid-ready proposals that increase the profitability of every project. Billd provides the 120-day terms necessary for contractors to secure the funds necessary to pay for materials and eliminate financial risks.

How It Works

You have the option of requesting a quote for financing from within the STACK interface. The resulting quotes can be entered directly into your STACK estimate.

Integration Requirements

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