STACK Labs Webinar – What’s New at STACK in Q1 2022

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In this webinar, you’ll find a recap of all the great features we’ve released in Q1 2022, like estimating key unit, proposal flexibility, and measurement rotation.

We’ll also cover some exciting plans for the coming months, including some highly anticipated integrations and functionality updates. 

Finally, watch our breakout sessions for an-depth discussions on a variety of preconstruction and construction-related topics. 

Breakout Sessions:

STACK Best Practices for Concrete Subcontractors – Ryan Bender, Sr. Training Specialist and Brenda Marrone, Training Specialist

STACK Lab: STACK The Books, QuickBooks Integration: David Fouche, Senior Product Owner

STACK Lab: Let’s Talk About Field Tools: Allison Hunter, Senior Product Owner

STACK Lab: Finding, Prioritizing and Managing Bid Opportunities: Justin Ogilby, Chief Product Officer

STACK Lab: The Future of STACK Estimating: Jason Kornaker, Senior Product Owner

View all sessions here.

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