STACK Release Notes: 11/6/18

On November 6, 2018, we released STACK version 4.16.390. This is the most exciting release we’ve done in a long time. It makes Autocount available to all Pro and Plus users.  We’ve had really good feedback so far during our beta testing and we’re excited to hear what the rest of our customers think! 

View the Autocount help documentation for more information.  It has some helpful tips for selecting a good symbol and getting the most out of Autocount.  Please check it out before jumping in and Autocount-ing.



  • All Plus, Pro and Trial users will now have Autocount available in the right-side menu when performing a count takeoff. To use it, start a count takeoff, click on the # button on the right and then select Autocount.
  • All Free users will also see Autocount in the menu, marked as a Plus feature.  Free users will need to upgrade to a Plus or Pro account to utilize this new feature.


New Notification Bar

  • Check out the new bell button in the upper right. Click on it for a list of any notifications you’ve recently received.
    • Whenever an Autocount job starts or completes you’ll see an orange dot appear indicating you’ve got a new notification.
  • Click on the bell to view the message:
Autocount Notification
  • Click on the notification message to go directly to the page and see your Autocount results


New Project Cost Calculator version 1.4.7

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