STACK Release Notes: April 2020

What’s New in Version 5.1.177

New Features and Improvements

· We released Automatic Plan Hyperlinking that allows users to find and reference callouts quickly based on sheet numbers or IDs.

· Added “What’s Coming Next?” option under the sub-navigation under our help (?) button, that allows premium users to view our new product roadmap portal.

· We also launched a user referral program which you can find, listed as “Refer & Earn” under our help (?) button.

· Made additional UX/UI improvements to increase overall consistency and make the app more intuitive.
     · We added a percentage indicator to the OCR spinning wheel so users can understand how far along the OCR process is for the project.
     · We replaced the gear wheel, for creating new items or assemblies, with an ellipse to be more consistent with the rest of the application.
     · Added two new icons. One allows a user to quickly open STACK in a new browser tab and the other lets them expand their current window to full screen

· We included a method for hiding markups in the layers box (used for Overlay). It is now always visible and users can use it to hide all markups on a page.

Bug Fixes

· Fixed a bug that caused a report loading issues when a user had measurements on a hidden plan page.

· Fixed a bug when clicking the up and down arrows, within an assembly group, it would not consistently move the item up or down one row.

· Fixed an issue preventing the line snap hotkey (using the Shift key) from functioning properly.

· Fixed a bug where newly uploaded projects showed a lengthy list of custom scales.

· Fixed a display issue with values in the measured quantity column in a specific scenario.


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