STACK Release Notes: April 2022

What’s New in Version 6.5.587

New Features and Improvements

Hotkey T: 

  – Toggles between Shape and Rectangle measuring tools

  – Also resumes a takeoff by selecting a measurement and pressing ’T’

Hotkey C:

  – Press C to enter Cut Out and toggle between Shape and Rectangle

Bug Fixes

  – Fixed an issue where if copying / pasting count symbols, the pasted count symbols would initially appear much smaller

  – Fixed an issue where it was possible to remain in measurement rotation when the measurement rotation should have been cleared

  – Fixed an issue where clicking a takeoff within the Head’s Up indicator on the estimate worksheet would not take the user to the edit takeoff screen

  – If starting a multi-select while the mouse cursor is over a measurement, the app will now allow the multi-select to continue


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