STACK Release Notes: August 2019

What’s New in Version 5.0.590

New Features and Improvements

• Introduced a scroll to functionality, which gives users the ability to quickly navigate to an overview of plans in a specific folder.

• We’re now providing data on projects you’ve invited others to. This will provide more visibility as you’re preparing or sorting through bids.
     • The data we provide includes: Username, company, email, trade, first and last access date, if the plans were downloaded, and the number of pages they measured!

• Added even more drag and drop capabilities allowing for even better plan organization!
     • Including folders in thumbnail view, while on the ‘Overview’ tab.

• We made a significant amount of UI and style changes to improve the overall usability of the app.
     • Introduced a caret for opening and closing plan folders.
     • Removed the spinner animation when you complete a drawing.
     • Added takeoff visibility controls using the eye icon to toggle on / off.
     • Press the ESC key will now clear the plan and takeoff search fields.

• Created a ‘Notes’ field on the bid calendar.
     • Users can add a note while creating the project, or update the note by clicking. the edit pencil to the right of the project name on the bid calendar.

• Created a middle click by using the scroll wheel to click.
     • Quickly ‘close’ open tabs by middle clicking.
     • Quickly open thumbnails by middle clicking in the thumbnail to open in a new tab.

• Made some performance improvement for large file uploads.

• Thumbnail generation for plan sheets with measurements and markups are much faster.

• We’ve also restyled and simplified the takeoff template navigation.
     • Click on the takeoff name or icon to enter ‘Edit’ mode.
     • Click on the arrow or quantity to ‘Start’ a takeoff.
     • Click the ellipse to access the existing sub-menu.

Bug Fixes

• Corrected plan and takeoff sorting, templates and plan pages will now appear in sequential order.

• Fixed a bug occasionally causing takeoff templates not to load.

• Fixed an issue causing some thumbnails to only partially display.

• Fixed a scrolling issue in IE and Edge where scrolling became difficult near the top or bottom of the Overview tab.

• Fixed a layout issue on an iPhone 5 / SE.

• Fixed a drag and drop issue in FireFox.

• Fixed a viewing issue when looking at a saved report that was grouped by labels 

• Fixed a bug for Pantera and Dodge customers that prevented access to all pages within a project.

• Fixed an issue where the hot key, CRTL + A, would select all text instead of the thumbnails from the plan document view


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