STACK Release Notes: August 2020

What’s New in Version 6.5.147

New Features and Improvements

· Introduced the ability to create templates for Scope of Work & Terms and Conditions making proposal set up a lot faster.
· We made some updates to the quick link for opening STACK in a new tab that makes the experience faster and more intuitive.
· We also made some changes to our print functionality:

    · When a user prints to PDF they will now see a preview window where they can choose to print or download
    · The print will also appear in the notification center (bell icon) to be accessed at any time.

· Item and assembly options can now be found on the takeoff setting panel instead of measurement settings

Bug Fixes

· Fixed an issue preventing a hyperlinked sheet from opening in the default canvas view.
· Fixed an issue causing project documents to print out of order.
· Fixed a bug that prevented users from successfully editing an attached assembly.


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