STACK Release Notes: August 2021

What’s New in Version 6.5.412

New Features and Improvements

  – Released Quick Start Assemblies, which provide an impressive material list while only requiring minimal questions

  – Released Estimate Summary showing key information at a glance.  This area is a work in progress and will be enhanced over the next couple months.

  – Moved label data columns in reports to the right of the actual report data

  – Added a Total Markup column to the Estimate worksheet

Bug Fixes

  – Fixed an issue in the Proposal PDF where unused cost types were displaying $0 tax

  – Fixed the Project Cost Calculator

  – Label option ordering in the PDF Proposal now matches the ordering in the edit label modal

  – A grouped PDF Proposal from a Unit Cost Estimate refreshes all data upon load

  – Fixed a specific scenario where a user would try to upload plans, and the upload would fail

  – Fixed a specific scenario that could cause a project upload to fail

  – Fixed a specific scenario where filtered cost types would appear in the tax table


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