STACK Release Notes: December 2019

What’s New in Version 5.1.090

New Features and Improvements

· We released enhanced reporting features that let you leverage all of your label groups to give you more control and simple data organization with drag and drop.
     · Currently, users can toggle the new version of reporting on and off.

· We added a “What’s New” tab to the help button, in the main navigation, to alert users of product updates. Just look for a small gift icon to appear when there’s a new message!

· We’re slowly introducing user permissions beginning with a “View Only” role.

· Improved UX/UI including more modern design elements.
     · Created a delete confirmation notification when a user tries to delete an item
     · We also made styling and sorting improvements to thumbnails, pages, section headers, items, and assemblies.
     · Made some major performance enhancements for large projects that contain hundreds of takeoff templates, and thousands of geometries.

Bug Fixes

· Fixed a bug where the arrow icon would appear instead of the crosshair icon when calibrating a scale on a page that previously had a scale set.
· Fixed a bug where a label group option that had been edited would not show when grouped on the takeoff list.
· Fixed an issue where deleting a takeoff, that was added from the library, also removed the takeoff from the library.
· Fixed a visual bug where the green scale box did not show a metric scale when switching the project from imperial to metric.
· Fixed a bug where the user was unable to exit their plan text search results.
· Fixed some issues that prevented users from grouping properly on their takeoff lists.
· Fixed a bug preventing multi-page pdfs from displaying correctly when uploaded from the takeoff.
· Fixed a bug when editing a measurement. The takeoff would appear to lose its label option.
· Fixed an issue for users that tried to start measuring while on the overview tab. This would incorrectly leave the user in a drawing state.
· Fixed a bug when starting a takeoff from the library, with an assembly, that was not prompting the user to enter a scale when needed.

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