STACK Release Notes: February 2020

What’s New in Version 5.1.139

New Features and Improvements

· We released a ton of improvements to make Plan Overlay the best in the market!

    · Introduced multi-plan overlay, which allows users to add and control the visibility of as many sheet layers as they like!

    · Additionally, we included a plan differencing feature that allows you to change the color of your matching overlaid lines for greater contrast, making differences easier to identify.

    · Lastly, we changed the base layer of Plan Overlay to show as red instead of blue.

· We’ve made some simple changes to reports that will improve your experience.

    · Increased the overall viewable area and resized some columns of the reports section.

    · We started wrapping text in the report cells instead of showing an ellipsis.

    · Exporting to Excel will now only display 2 decimal places.

    · Removed the ‘Plan name’ column from all reports, except the ‘Measurement By Takeoff’ report. Users can add this column using the ‘Columns’ picklist.

    · The Item Cost by Takeoff report will now detail the takeoff descriptions.

    · We also made styling enhancements to our report PDFs with a sleek new header.

· We added the ability to limit what you print out to what’s currently viewable in your project tab window.

    · This also includes your overlay layers!

· As well as two print options so users can easily download a PDF in a landscape or portrait layout.

    · Additionally, we updated the interface to preview the export in a new tab.

· Increased consistency of our line snap tool that allows users to draw straight lines.

Bug Fixes

· Fixed an issue when exporting to Excel that would prevent values of 0 from transferring.

· Fixed another bug preventing excel exports from formatting cell data properly for the sake of using formulas.

· Corrected an issue causing thumbnail images to flicker during processing.

· Fixed some errors with measurements where sometimes label options would not save or the takeoff description would disappear when adding items and assemblies.

· Fixed a bug causing metric reports to incorrectly export to Excel with imperial values.

· Made an update to our Project Cost Calculator so that it would allow users to only export their visible report columns.

     · Previously the PCC export would include all columns, whether the user wanted them or not.

· Tablet users can now change their takeoff colors using the color picker.

· Fixed another bug where thumbnails from other projects would appear in the overlay window.


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