STACK Release Notes: February 2021

What’s New in Version 6.5.285

New Features and Improvements

· Subtotal and Grouping in the PDF Proposal 

  –  Users can subtotal by 2 levels in the PDF Proposal Summary using Cost Type, Label(s), and Plan Name

  –  Users can group by up to 4 levels in the PDF Proposal Detail page using Cost Type, Label(s), and Plan Name

· The ability to include line-item pricing in the PDF proposal Detail Page 
· The ability to subtotal the PDF Proposal by Takeoff
· The details page of the PDF proposal will now sort alphabetically
· An improvement in OCR wait times
· When starting a takeoff that requires a measurement input, the mouse cursor is now automatically placed in the first measurement input box 
· The ability to measure Arcs

Bug Fixes

· Resolved an issue where a user could not shift select measurements and then move them
· Fixed an issue where a user was unable to edit a custom cost type
· Fixed an issue where a measurement with a very large number of vertices would cause the plan to open very slowly


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