STACK Release Notes: January 2020

What’s New in Version 5.1.120

New Features and Improvements

· We released our plan overlay feature to help users easily review revised drawings and immediately identify the differences!

· Our new reporting view is now toggled on by default.

· We’ve introduced new user permissions to help companies better manage their teams.

    · A “Viewer” role that restricts the recipient’s access to any cost data.

    · An “Estimator” role that limits access to company-wide settings. 

    · And of course an “Account Owner” role will have full access and be able to edit permissions.

· We added another keyboard shortcut! CTRL + S (or CMD + S for Mac) to end a takeoff.

· In our new reports, we’ve enabled a reset button for saved snapshots.

· In addition, we’ve made a vast amount of styling and UI enhancements:

    · We restructured and reordered the takeoff toolbar on the right side of your screen to display tools relevant to the mode you’re working in.

    · We’ve also restyled the ‘Exit Search’ button when viewing search results.

    · We’ve changed the color of events from blue to grey, on the calendar, so they’re easier to distinguish from projects.

    · We’ve removed the Plans tab from the “Viewer” user role and “Share” recipients’ view. 

    · Content search results will now show the number of overall matches as well as the matches per plan page.

    · Plan search results will also now show the ‘compass symbol’ on plan pages that have completed measurements.

    · Setting a bid time using the up and down arrows will now adjust by increments of 15 minutes. However, users can still type a specific time if they wish.

    · We’ve renamed the ‘Estimating’ tab to ‘Excel Tools’

    · We’ve also restyled the ‘Delete’ buttons and made them red.

    · We created persistent modals to prevent users from losing their work when clicking outside of them.

    · We now allow users to navigate back and forth, between plans, while in markup mode.

· Report data can now be exported in 3 different formats:

    · A raw data CSV export.

    · Excel export that exports the report as it is displayed on the screen (grouped, sorted, filtered).

    · Project Cost Calculator CSV export for the Takeoff Quantity and Item Cost by Type reports only.

· We introduced new material databases to our items and assemblies, including an HVAC and Electrical catalog.

Bug Fixes

· Fixed a bug that caused item pricing to display as $0 even after a price was entered.

· Fixed an issue that allowed formulas with invalid variable references to be saved in the assembly editor.

· We’ve fixed an error causing a login issue with Excel Report Sync.

· Saved snapshots to CSV will now show the snapshot name instead of the report name.

· We’ve fixed an issue that displayed partial values when a formula parsing error existed. 

· Fixed an issue with expanding report data.

· Fixed a bug in drawing mode causing a newly created takeoff template to initially show as black.

· Fixed an issue causing our Excel Report Sync to display incorrect data for the ‘Item Cost By Takeoff’ report.

· Fixed a bug so that Excel report sync data will match the Item cost by takeoff report data.

· Fixed an issue that prevented plan text search results from displaying the compass symbol if there were takeoffs or markups on the plan.

· Fixed a bug that prevented a measurement from being highlighted when clicking the icon in the measurement by takeoff report.

· Fixed an error that sometimes prevented a takeoff name from populating when adding from the search box.

· Corrected an issue where Smartbidnet projects sent via a STACK Invite were not displaying thumbnails or plans.

· Corrected an issue where clicking the icon in the Measurement by Takeoff report was not highlighting the measurement.

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