STACK Release Notes: January 2021

What’s New in Version 6.5.262

New Features and Improvements

· Improved the New Takeoff workflow by combining the create new and select measurement type into one step. 
· Improved the PDF proposal presentation by moving the Prepared By and Prepared For section next to each other, and also displaying a more logical workflow.
· Created new hotkey ‘T’ to quickly resume an existing measurement.
· Improved the Change Takeoff window to match the new takeoff workflow.

Bug Fixes

· Fixed an issue where new reports would not open when pages with measurements were deleted from the project.
· Fixed a precision issue that primarily dealt with using the enter key to finish a measurement.
· Fixed an issue where the email addresses on the PDF proposal could have a visible line obscuring the view.
· Fixed an issue on the PDF proposal where the signature line would not display.
· Fixed an issue where long project names could overlap other text on the PDF proposal.

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