STACK Release Notes: January 2022

What’s New in Version 6.5.532

New Features and Improvements

  – Ability to show/hide Unit Price, Quantity, and Takeoff Description on the PDF Proposal

Bug Fixes

  – Fixed an issue where if adding the Takeoff Name column to a report, the column was not able to be sorted

  – Fixed an issue where if the currency symbol was changed, it would not change on the PDF proposal until a hard refresh

  – Fixed an issue on the phone view where clicking Plans (from the hamburger menu) would not take the user to the Overview tab

  –  Fixed an issue where it was possible to delete a folder with plans that had measurements on them, which caused an issue viewing the data

  –  Fixed an issue where it was possible to select a 4th level grouping on the Proposal detail page, but then be unable to de-select it

  –  Fixed an issue where if a user had over 2,100 items attached to a takeoff the data would not display in reports / estimates


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