STACK Release Notes: March 2019

What’s New in Version 5.0.370

New Features and Improvements

• We released a hidden gem – The beta version of an invitation function! Although hidden for most users, it could be turned on for you. Join our Beta Program to find out if you qualify.

• We also introduced a new, black navigation bar. You’ll see our style become more consistent over the next several weeks as we gradually work to standardize our use of color and interact-able elements.

• New, modernized icons updated throughout the application including a restyled ‘Start Takeoff’ button.

• We made the entire takeoff tab clickable so it’s easier to switch your view between plan pages.

• Added a new ‘Add to Project’ button on the library Edit Takeoff screen. This way you aren’t forced into adding a takeoff to your project when editing the library.

• The STACK app will now recreate calendar events if an invitee re-clicks the invitation link for an event they already deleted.

• Improved reliability of the service that provides Uploading, PDF printing, Autocount, and Autonaming completion notifications.

• The API single file upload limit has been increased from 100mb to 500mb.

• We’ve removed monthly subscription options from the ‘Account Subscription’ page.

• We’re now using smaller, less intrusive and more attractive status messaging.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

• We fixed an issue where Autocount would fail to find a symbol if it appeared in the same location on multiple pages of a project.

• Using Firefox, the plan Overview page would lose your place and automatically scroll to the top each time you opened it. We’ve resolved this so you will maintain your place using this browser.

• Fixed many issues where unavailable functions were shown to those accessing partner (Pantera, SBN) projects.

• Fixed a bug where the wrong right-side toolbar would show when following a link directly into a takeoff page.

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