STACK Release Notes: May 2020

What’s New in Version 5.1.195

New Features and Improvements

· While a newly uploaded plan set is being scanned, we added a clickable indicator that shows viewable and searchable page progress and wait times.

· An experimental version of estimating and proposals was launched!

· We also made major enhancements to the bid calendar view.
    · Introduced new options for a full week, work week, day, plan and list view.
    · Users can also use search to filter the calendar view by project name, status, or assigned user.
    · Users can also drag and drop projects and events to change their bid date/time.

· We introduced Sheet IDs into the plans tree and on the Overview tab to help users confirm the accuracy of auto hyperlinking.

Bug Fixes

· Fixed an issue that caused some buttons not to work in the Automatic Plan Hyperlinking modal.

· Fixed a bug that prevented the shift key from engaging line snap correctly.

· Fixed a calculation issue that would appear under very specific scenarios in the Estimating tab.


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