STACK Release Notes: November 2020

What’s New in Version 6.5.238

New Features and Improvements

· Logos that are wide and narrow will now display properly in a proposal. 
· Speed improvements when multi-selecting a large group of measurements.
· Moved the color picker and font size from the right navigation menu and placed them in the upper right of the screen.
· Changed the color of full screen crosshairs to STACK green color.
· Users now have the ability to name an estimate.
· Users can now close the upload modal without uploading plans.
· Speed improvements for copy/paste.
· Improved appearance of the drag handles while a measurement is selected.
· Created cut/paste.
· Speed improvements when deleting a large number of measurements at one time.

Bug Fixes

· Fixed an issue where if a user made 2 cut-outs in the same measurements, it could cause a duplication. 
· Fixed an issue where a user could not change a user role if all the licenses were full.
· Fixed an issue where a user could not edit a takeoff located in the library.
· Fixed an issue where locking a metric measurement appeared to change the value.
· Fixed an issue where toggling rounding in an estimate after starting the estimate caused display issues. 
· Fixed an issue where if a user was drawing with the polygon and clicked the scale button the selection would be incorrect.
· Fixed an issue where when starting a takeoff by clicking the polygon or rectangle after selecting a markup would result in a blank left panel.
· Fixed an issue where the rectangle tool was not available when starting a takeoff located in the library.
· Fixed an issue where it was possible to move a drag handle outside of a polygon.
· Fixed a display issue with Bookmark anchors.
· Fixed an issue when copying from a high-resolution page to a low-resolution page.


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