STACK Release Notes: October 2019

What’s New in Version 5.0.690

New Features and Improvements

• We launched our integration with Procore to help you seamlessly sync your project documents to your STACK account.

• Restyled the app integrations tab under company settings.

• If you have a lengthy name for a plan page or material assembly, we created tooltips to display the full name when you hover over it.

• Improved search results by making the size of all highlighted content easier to see by making those areas dynamic depending on your zoom level.

• Renamed some of our reports to better reflect the content being reported on.

• Added project name to the mobile, takeoff/plan view.

• Mobile users can also view all STACK reports.

• Counts will always appear as whole numbers instead of having two decimal places.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug preventing access to shared projects for users that were outside of the sender’s account.

• Fixed a bug causing a formula error on saved reports that presented an incorrect calculation.

• Fixed an issue where label groups would be removed when a user toggled between the different measurement systems.

• Fixed a bug preventing newly created items and assemblies from saving.

• Fixed a bug preventing some measurements from appearing on a plan legend.

• Fixed an issue preventing users from dragging multiple measurements or markups to a new location.


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