STACK Release Notes: October 2021

What’s New in Version 6.5.464

New Features and Improvements

  –  Enhanced the selection of uploading plans or documents

  –  Duplicating a takeoff now places the text “Copy of” on the new takeoff

  –  Added a camera icon to our upload modal

  –  Unit Cost Estimate data is available in Estimate Reports

  –  Enhanced Profitability and Sales Tax tiles

  –  Improved layout for the Estimate Summary 

  –  Printing is available for Estimate Reports

  –  When attaching an item or assembly to a takeoff, we only show items or assemblies that are compatible with the measurement type

  –  Within a project, a user will return to the same report they last viewed 

Bug Fixes

  –  Fixed an issue that caused slowness when panning and/or zooming in some projects

  –  Fixed an issue where measurements/markups were not appearing on thumbnail images

  –  Fixed an issue with the cut-out tool not working on touch screen devices that were connected to a mouse 

  –  Fixed an issue with adding points to a measurement on touch screen devices that were connected to a mouse

  –  Fixed an issue regarding Safari version 15 which prevented users from using Plan Overlay 

  –  Fixed a selection issue when using multi-select and then trying to single select a measurement within the bounding box 


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