STACK Release Notes: September 2019

What’s New in Version 5.0.640

New Features and Improvements

• Launched phase one of takeoff categories, a beta release that can be turned on from ‘Company Settings’.
     • Takeoff templates allow users to better view or sort their takeoff lists as they are grouped using label groups.

• Hovering over a geometry will highlight the respective takeoff template from the list view, making it much easier to find and start a takeoff from a long list.

• Added back and forth navigation to the takeoff and measurement settings screens.

• Refined a significant amount of app functions to make the solution faster and easier to use.
     • The plan legend is much more responsive and will load new measurements quicker and in the order they’re listed on the takeoff template list.
     • Changing from imperial to metric is as simple as checking a box.
     • Duplicating a takeoff template requires fewer clicks.
     • The edit pencil was replaced with an ellipse to better ask the sub-menu from the plans tab.
     • You can also, now access the sub-menu on the takeoff and plan tabs by right-clicking your mouse.

• Restyled the takeoff library to tab to match the project tab.

• We also moved access to all of our help content to the main navigation bar. Selecting the question mark icon will give users a list of options.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug preventing a user from being logged in from multiple locations.

• Fixed an issue that didn’t allow users to properly sync their excel sheet with their STACK account.

• Fixed a bug that prevented hidden takeoffs from being excluded from the dynamic plan legend.

• Fixed an issue on tablets that sometimes caused pinch-to-zoom to enlarge the entire browser instead of magnifying the plan view.

• Takeoffs with long names will no longer overlap and appear distorted on the list view.

• Editing a takeoff that is hidden will now default that takeoff to visible.

• Fixed an issue where label assignments were not always visible when working with multi-page projects.

• Using copy and paste on a takeoff will no longer produce an error, preventing users from duplicating their measurements.

• Links to takeoffs from the notification bell will now correctly load the takeoff.


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