STACK Vs. Bluebeam Revu

How is STACK Different?

STACK is a web-based software that provides a complete set of tools for the pre-construction phase.

Bluebeam Revu is document management software that allows users to create PDFs to be annotated and marked-up.

STACK's main advantages over Bluebeam Revu:


STACK works with your native Mac OS.


STACK offers a robust feature set for estimating.


STACK connects seamlessly with other platforms to make your job easier.


STACK is always making improvements based on customer feedback.

"STACK is very robust and allows for a lot of different configurations and customizations to fit any project."

– Daniel, Sample Tile and Stone

Create Your Free STACK Account

Stack Logo
Cost Per User
PLUS $999 per user/year
PRO $1,799 per user/year
REVU STANDARD $349 per user
REVU CAD $449 per user
REVU EXTREME $599 per user
Maintenance & Support Costs
REVU STANDARD: $249 per user to upgrade OR $99 per user/year for maintenance/support
REVU CAD: $299 per user to upgrade OR $119 per user/year for maintenance/support
REVU EXTREME $399 per user to upgrade OR $149 per user/year for maintenance/support
Ease of Use
Low Learning Curve
Modern, Consistent UX/UI
Low Learning Curve
Consistent UX/UI
Time to Onboard
1 to 5 business days
1 to 2 weeks
Integrates with Third-party Software
Yes, at no extra cost
Yes, for an additional fee
Advanced Takeoff Features
Estimating Features
Free Training
Yes, Unlimited training and support
Languages: English, Spanish
No, $99 per user/year
Languages: English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch
Platform Support
Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based
Minimal Software/Hardware requirements
Windows, iPad
Moderate Software/Hardware requirements
Product Roadmap
Constantly making improvements based on customer feedback
Discontinued Mac support (effective March 2020)

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