Complete takeoffs 10X FASTER using our 100% cloud-based takeoff solution.

STACK’s easy-to-use takeoff tools are lightning fast,
flexible and work as hard as you do. Whether you’re
just digitizing your takeoffs or migrating from subpar
software, STACK will streamline your process
from day one. Ready to bid more work, in less time?

Speed and Accuracy You'll Love

Flexible, intuitive takeoff tools bend to your needs, offering a variety of measurement types to quickly and accurately determine material quantities.

Get Fast & Accurate Quantities

See your downtime go up – STACK puts hours back on the clock with easy-to use markup & measuring tools.

Use Powerful Automation

Save even more time with tools like AutoCount, takeoff templates, & pre-built materials.

Leave No Room For Mistakes

Eliminate costly takeoff and estimating errors to bid and win more profitable work.

Cloud-Based Quantity & Material Takeoff

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Download the Cloud-Based Quantity and Material Takeoff Info Sheet.

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