Complete takeoffs 10X FASTER using our 100% cloud-based takeoff solution.

STACK’s easy-to-use takeoff tools are lightning fast,
flexible and work as hard as you do. Whether you’re
just digitizing your takeoffs or migrating from subpar
software, STACK will streamline your process
from day one. Ready to bid more work, in less time?

Speed and Accuracy You'll Love

Flexible, intuitive takeoff tools bend to your needs, offering a variety of measurement types to quickly and accurately determine material quantities.

Measure L

Get Fast & Accurate Quantities

See your downtime go up – STACK puts hours back on the clock with easy-to use markup & measuring tools.

Auto L

Use Powerful Automation

Save even more time with tools like AutoCount, takeoff templates, & pre-built materials.

Pro L 1

Leave No Room For Mistakes

Eliminate costly takeoff and estimating errors to bid and win more profitable work.

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STACK Cloud Estimating Software Features

As an all-in-one, cloud-based takeoff software, STACK allows your team to perfect every part of the takeoff process from anywhere in the world. With our full line of web-based takeoff software features, you can get everything done in one cost-effective solution. STACK comes with the following features: 

  • Planning and document management: Our planning features allow your team to overlay several versions of plans to easily spot updates and changes. Our document management features allow you to find exactly what you’re looking for by quickly searching folders and organizing using drag and drop functionality. 
  • Cloud-based material takeoff: STACK enables you to take back your time with intuitive measuring tools, markup capabilities, takeoff templates and catalogs of pre-built materials. With STACK, you’ll eliminate costly takeoffs and eliminate errors.
  • Detailed proposals and cost estimating: Our cost estimating software automatically creates seamless, itemized bills of materials with detailed proposals and alternate estimates. With STACK, you’ll always project an air of professionalism with branded custom proposals. 
  • Real-time connectivity and collaboration: With STACK, you can call attention to details with markup and callout tools. Seamlessly share project access with your team for more efficient collaboration, too. STACK keeps your team working from the same plan set without the need for constant revisions and sharing new files with updates. 

The STACK Advantage

Compared to desktop software, STACK offers endless advantages. With 10x faster takeoffs, all-in-one preconstruction solutions and a dedicated support and training staff, we offer the fastest cloud-based takeoff software on the market. Working with STACK brings the following advantages to the table:

  • Constant cloud-based software access: STACK is ready to go anywhere with you. There are no support or maintenance fees attached to STACK either. 
  • Lightning-fast performance: As an all-in-one preconstruction solution, STACK runs flawlessly with its scalable and easy-to-use interface. Whenever you have questions, we have a team of dedicated technical and support specialists ready to help via live chat, phone or email.
  • Innovative and accessible platform: STACK’s easy-to-use platform is great for team members regardless of their past experience. To ensure that your team hits the ground running, we offer free, on-demand training and support on all Mac, Windows and mobile devices.

How STACK Cloud Estimating Software Stands Up to the Competition

At STACK, we’re proud of how well we stand up to our competition, excelling in performance and surpassing other platforms in everything from speed to accessibility. See how we stack up against PlanSwiftBluebeamOn-Screen TakeoffProEstEsticomAutodesk TakeoffConstructConnectEstimating Edge and more solutions. 


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