Work any time, anywhere, and from any device with the power of the cloud.

STACK allows you and every member of your team to access project plans, details, and reports whether you’re in the office, on a job site, or working from home. Robust features encourage timely communication so you can meet or beat every deadline.

Stay Connected and Work Better Together

Take your preconstruction to the next level with real-time collaboration in the cloud.

Team L

Keep The Team Aligned

Ensure everyone is always working from the same plan set.

Spec L

Call Attention To Specifics

Quickly address key details using callout and markup tools.

Share L

Share Project Access

Spread the workload and ease workflow by sharing plans or inviting others to collaborate.

Real-Time Collaboration and Connectivity

Get The Overview

Download the Real-Time Collaboration & Connectivity Info Sheet.

Bright Ideas To Enhance Collaboration & Connectivity

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