Stay Focused, Organized & On Track

With project plans, specs, and other documents securely stored in a single, central hub, staying organized has never been easier.

Eliminating overflowing bins of blueprints and difficult-to-access file servers, STACK makes sorting and searching simple and helps team members find the details they need, fast.

Bye-bye Blueprint Bins & Chaotic Share Drives

Whether your office is strewn with paper plans or your file sharing solution of choice is cluttered with disorganized files and folders, we can help. With STACK you can:

Plan L

Find Details Quickly

Search all folders and plan pages to locate the pages and details you need. 

Folder L

Organize Intuitively

Use folders and drag & drop functionality for easy and customized plan organization.

Search L

Navigate Easily

Leverage hyperlinks to see specifics without having to leave your current page.

PlanSpecDoc OneSheet 768x994

Get The Overview

Download the Plan, Spec and Document Management Info Sheet  

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