You can upload documents in two different ways into STACK. Each way has advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the correct upload for each type of document is important.

Upload as Plans
Files that you upload as Plans will appear in your Overview tab. You'll be able to measure them, print them, search them, and use the full capability of STACK with these documents. By default when you open a project we show you a screen to upload Plans.

Upload as Documents
Files that you upload as Documents will be stored in STACK and available for download. They will not appear in your Overview tab, or be available for searching or measuring.

You will want to upload most documents as Plans. For large (1000+ page) spec documents, though, you may want to consider uploading them as Documents. This way the Spec document pages will not clutter up your Overview page and make it hard to navigate the project. The only downside to this is that the spec document will not be searchable if uploaded as a Document (see TIP below).

To Upload Plans:

To Upload Documents:

TIP: If you have a large spec document that you want to search, but you don't want to clutter up your Overview tab and slow down your takeoff, try uploading the spec document into a separate STACK project. Keeping your plan and spec documents in separate projects will let you keep the specs available and searchable in STACK, but you won't have to hunt through the spec pages during takeoff.

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