Electronic plans pass through many hands and many systems before they reach you. Any one of these systems could slightly alter the file and change the scale. The only way to be sure you're using the correct scale is to calibrate.

Follow these steps to calibrate the scale in STACK:

  1. Find the scale graphic or a marked distance on the plan

2. Click on the Scale button in the lower-right corner

3. Enter the dimension shown on the scale graphic or plan element into the input box

4. Click Ok, then click two points on the plan to measure the known distance

5. Once you’ve calibrated the scale, draw a dimension line to prove that the scale is correct. You’re just checking to make sure you didn’t miss-click.

6. If the measurement on the dimension line isn’t as accurate as you’d like, re-calibrate. When recalibrating, zoom-in as far as possible on each point and be sure that you’re clicking in the center of each hash mark on the scale bar. 

Don’t worry if the scale you calibrate doesn’t match what the architect stamped on the plans. He may have stamped the wrong scale, or the page may have been resized somewhere along its way to you. As long as you’ve calibrated and your dimension line is correct your measurements will be spot-on. 

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