Currently, STACK will automatically name your plans upon uploading based on the plan page's numbers. If you would like STACK to name the plans to a different section, you can manually perform an autoname by following these steps.

To get started, click on "Plans" in the top navigation bar.  Then click the little gear wheel and select "Autoname".   

Click draw and make a rectangle around the page number.  You want to make this a large enough rectangle to catch longer sheet numbers further in the set, but be careful not to touch the border

You can also add Page titles in the autonaming process. Click Add Page Title and draw a box around the Sheet Title on the plan.

The process may take a couple minutes, but you do not have to wait on it.  You can continue on with your takeoff.  When autoname completes, it will have renamed the list view and the names on the thumbnail images. 

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