You can quickly create items and use them over and over again for future projects.  To begin, click Items in the top right corner of the screen.

On the next screen, you will see a heading for "Custom Items". To create a new item, click the three dots next to the folder you wish to have the item in and select "Create item here"

Here are field descriptions for Item creation:

Item Information
Item Name:  The name of the material
Purchase Unit:  How you purchase the material, such as gallon, case, box, case, sq ft, 5-foot section, etc.
Unit of Measure:  The takeoff measurement type

Coverage Rate
How many per? This is where you set the coverage rate

375 Sq Ft. = 1 gallon
5 Lin Ft = 1   5-foot section
1 lin ft = 1 lin ft
500 lin ft = 1  coil

Cost Information
Cost Type:  Choose from Material, Labor, Equipment, or Subcontract
Unit Price:  Typically your price, but you could include mark-up in the unit price
Accounting Code:  This optional field could be part #, SKU#, or any type of code you would like attached to the item. 

TIP: You can create folders and then create items into that particular folder. Each folder will be able to edited by clicking on each's three dots next to the name

TIP #2:  Click "Add" to create the item, or "Create and Add Another" to quickly create similar type items.  

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