You can quickly attach item(s) to a takeoff.  Start by clicking on the three dots next to the takeoff name to get to the sub-menu, and then click "Edit"

Click the green "+ Add items and assemblies" button located at the bottom left of the screen

Click on "Items"

Click on the Items folder to expand, and then click the green "+" to the right of each item(s).  Then click the green "Add Items" button

The material(s) will now populate in the estimating reports.

TIP:  The item type must match the takeoff type.  For example, a linear item would be attached to a linear takeoff

TIP #2:  You can add both material and labor items to the same takeoff.  

TIP #3:  Adding your takeoff to the library, will create a template with the items already attached for future projects. 

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