When creating a new takeoff, a measurement type is selected from the drop-down menu.  

Area = Square Footage
              Examples: a floor, ceiling, or elevation view of a building

Linear = Linear Footage
              Examples: baseboard, wire, or PVC

Count = Count
              Examples: outlets, fire alarms, or doors

Linear with Drop = Linear Footage
              Example:  electric wire that drops down 6 feet to an outlet

Pitched Area = Square Footage
              Example: a sloped roof

Pitched Linear = Linear Footage
              Example: a Hip on a sloped roof

Surface Area = Square Footage
              Example: a painted wall, wallpaper, or drywall.  

Volume 2D = Cubic Yardage
              Example: a concrete slab or parking lot

Volume 3D = Cubic Yardage
              Example:  A concrete footer or wall 

TIP:  Most measurement types will yield a primary and secondary measurement(s). For example, an area measurement will yield the square footage and also the linear of the perimeter.  Volume 3D will yield the cubic yardage, square footage, and linear of the perimeter. Measurement types can not be changed after a takeoff is completed.  If you find that you need a different measurement type you will need to delete and create a new takeoff. 

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