Below are the minimum and recommended requirements to run STACK.

Internet Browsers

Google Chrome - Download Here

Mozilla Firefox - Download Here

Safari - Apple - Download Here

Microsoft Edge - Download Here

Clearing your browser cache on a regular basis will ensure optimal STACK performance.

*STACK will run in other browsers, but we recommend using the latest version of the above web browsers for the best experience. We, however, no longer support Internet Explorer.

Operating Systems

Windows 7, 8 or 10

Mac OS X


Processor & Memory

i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM or better

*As a general rule, STACK will run best on any device that is less than 4 years old.

Internet Connection

Recommended: Download ≥ 20 Mbps, Upload ≥ 5 Mbps

Minimum: Download ≥ 15 Mbps, Upload ≥ 3 Mbps

*You can check your internet connection speeds for free at

Additional Software

To use STACK’s Excel tools, you will need a supported version of Microsoft Excel:

  • Report Sync Add-In supports Excel 2010 or greater

  • Project Cost Calculator supports Excel 2010 or greater


For precise control, use an external mouse over the built-in track pad of a device. Any mouse or keyboard and mouse combination will work with STACK.

*If you have an Apple magic mouse, we recommend you adjust to a lower scroll speed. Click here for additional steps.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

How to Check for Performance Issues with Your Browser or Device

How to clear your cache in Chrome/Firefox For PC

How to clear your cache in Chrome/Firefox For Mac

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