Send an Invite with STACK

Invite makes it easy to distribute digital plan copies for anyone to perform a takeoff and estimate on. As a Pro level STACK user, you can send your projects by clicking the Invite button in the upper right corner of your screen.

Using the toggle switch will generate a shareable link, associated with the respective project. To grant access to your plan pages, the static link can be copy and pasted into any text field (such as an email).

Once the recipient(s) click the link, they will be directed to the registration page.  They can either login or create a Free Account.  After login, the link will take them directly into the project.  

Turning the toggle off prevents any future use of the link but does not restrict access to users who have already interacted with the project.

Invite Data

Once the project link is opened by more than one recipient, you can access the data by clicking the Download Details.

This will download a CSV file with the following data for each user that has clicked the link:

     * First name
     * Last name
     * Company
     * Email address
     * Trade
     * Trade specialty
     * Number of pages measured
     * Date first accessed
     * Date last accessed
     * If they downloaded the plans from STACK

Different ways to Invite with STACK
Here are some great ways to use invite:

  • Invite a supplier, vendor, or manufacturer to perform a takeoff on a project for you.

  • Invite subcontractors to takeoff part of a project you are working on.

  • Use a STACK invitation link in conjunction with your ITB tool or planroom to enable your subcontractors to evaluate your project using STACKs world-class plan viewer and free takeoff tools.

Tips & Tricks
Here are some best practices to follow when using invite:


In most cases, when contractors are trying to locate pages that are relevant to them, naming schemes are less than helpful.  The STACK autoname feature can give each each page a text header before invites are sent… Click Here to learn more about autonaming!  The Invite recipient will Not be able to use autonaming on your project.

If you find yourself needing to add or remove plans, to limit any confusion among invite recipients, we highly recommend that you create a new folder and upload an addenda…The Invite recipient will Not be able to create folders. Click Here to learn more about creating folders!

Information on drag and drop to move plans into the folders can be found here:

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