STACK offers many reports, and also the ability to tailor the grouping of your data.  Let's start with the basics.

In total, STACK offers 7 Reports.  3 reports for measurements, and 4 reports for materials.  Any of the reports can be grouped in various ways.  Start by clicking on the Reports in the upper menu.  The list of reports will be listed on the left side of the screen.  Click each one to access the report.  The report name will be listed at the top of each report. 

Summary of each report:

Takeoff Quantity Report:  Report focusing on the primary measurement type.

Takeoff Summary Report:  Report showing the primary measurements, along with any secondary measurements.

Geometry by Takeoff Report:  Report shows each individual geometry for each takeoff. 

The following reports are available if you use items and assemblies in STACK Pro:

Item List Report:  A material list for the project, without pricing.

Item Cost Report:  An unformatted material list for the project, with pricing.

Item Cost by Type Report:  A project wide report formatted by cost type.

Item Cost of takeoff Report:  A report showing materials and pricing for each takeoff in the project.  

Saving Reports:

Any report can be saved as many times as you like.  Changes to the project will not  effect any of the saved reports.  This is great for versioning or price changes. 

Viewing the Data: 

Columns:  Deselect any of the columns you do not want visible in the report.

Grouping:  Allows you to group by plan page, or any two label groups that have been defined.

Sorting:  Allows the columns to be sorted to your preference. 

Excel:  When exporting to Excel, the report will always export as seen on the screen.

More information on grouping data by Label Groups can be found here:

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