STACK offers two types of collaboration.

  1. Collaboration between teams in multi-user accounts
  2. Collaborating with people outside of the company via Sharing

Team collaboration on multi-user accounts:

STACK collaboration tools are located in the Mark-up tools.  The Call-out can be used for leaving notes on a plan page.  The Text box can be used to add text to the plan page.  The other mark-up tools, such as Cloud or Highlighter, can be used to enhance the experience.  The font size and color of these tools can be changed while in edit mode.

Users on the multi-user account will be able to see the notes and texts while on the page. 

Collaboration with people outside of the Company:

Start by adding notes, text, and any additional mark-ups to the plan pages as outlined above.  Then click Share in the upper menu to open the Sharing dialogue box.  The link can be pasted into an email and sent to anyone.  If the recipient is not a current STACK user, they will be prompted to create a Free account.

The Recipient will have a 'read-only' version of your project, and can view any of your notes, text, additional mark-ups, takeoffs, and reports.  

More information on Sharing can be found here:

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