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If you're reading this , it's because you've unlocked FREE access to our takeoff and estimating software, courtesy of a recent invitation to bid. So what is STACK? STACK is a cloud-based takeoff & estimating tool that empowers you to create and submit accurate bids in a fraction of the time it takes you now.

How does STACK affect your bid process

Your General Contractor will continue to communicate with you using their current planroom, but you will be able to easily view plans, quickly perform takeoffs, and seamlessly share your estimates using STACK. 

On top of access to industry-leading takeoff and estimating capabilities, you can also use our plan navigation tools to find the plan pages that matter to you most. That means no more downloading or printing large plan sets. The best way to get to know STACK is to try it for yourself, but let's review some of the basics!

Navigating the bid calendar

We'll start with the bid calendar - think of it as your project dashboard. From here you can quickly navigate to the plans you want to view from either a calendar or a list view. 

This icon will denote projects that you've been invited to bid on versus projects you've created yourself.

Navigating projects

Once you've opened up a project, the overview tab will show you a thumbnail view of all of your plan pages. From here you can select and view individual pages in new tabs to begin your takeoffs. Once you've identified the page you want to work on, it's time to start a new takeoff.
 You are unable to add or delete plan pages, create folders, edit plan pages or use Autoname as an Invite recipient.

Starting a new takeoff

Before you get started,  you'll need to set the scale - which you can do by calibrating off a known distance or by selecting from our standard set.
With the scale set, you're ready to measure and you can get started right away using our intuitive, point and click interface.

You can also leverage our library of pre-built items and assemblies to create a detailed bill of materials. Once you complete your measurements, generating reports is quick and easy.

Accessing reports & more

From summary to detail views, you can customize and sort your reports using filter and grouping options.

Of course there's more to STACK than what we've covered in this quick overview, so be sure to checkout our help center as you get started and keep in mind that a member of our team will reach out to help.

Try STACK for free!

So when you see a STACK project link in your next bid invitation, go ahead and unlock your free takeoff and estimating tools. We'll be there to guide you every step of the way.

You are unable to add or delete plan pages, create folders, edit plan pages or use Autoname as an Invite recipient. 

For additional tips and tricks, visit our Help Center

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