Receive an Addenda or additional plan pages to your project?  No worries.  Let's walk through the process of creating a folder for the new plans.  

We will start on the Plans tab. The plans folder contains a list view of the plans.  You can create a new folder by clicking the Edit pencil to the right of the plans folder, and selecting Create new folder here.

Type in the name you want for the folder.  In this example, I typed Addenda and put today's date as reference.  Then click the green checkmark to save the folder. 

You will then see the folder appear in the list.  Click the edit pencil to the right of the newly created folder, and choose Upload files.  Click Add plans to select the Addenda file on your computer.  

The folder will be added to the Overview tab, and the plans will be grouped by the folder name.

Suggested Next Steps:
     * Copy/paste the takeoffs from the original plan(s) to the addenda plan(s).
     * Create a label group to differentiate the measurements/materials from the original and addenda set.
     * Use the Text Box within the Markup tools to type Addenda on the new plans to quickly identify you are working on the latest version.
          - The font will default to black text.  Use the edit arrow to change the text to a more noticeable color.

More information can be found within these tips:

Tip #1: If using 2 (or more) monitors, you can open another instance of STACK and drag the tab to another monitor for a side-by-side comparison.   More information on using multiple monitors can be found here:

Tip #2:  You can copy/paste takeoffs from the original plan to the addenda plan.  More info on copy/paste can be found here:

Tip #3:  Use Label Groups to group your data by the original plan set and the addenda plan set.  More information on Label Groups can be found here:

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