Finding the plans you need to measure can be tedious, especially on a large project. Luckily, STACK is here to help.  Sheet title or Keywords can be searched on any plan in the project.  

Tip#1: When searching for a specific text or title within a plan page, make sure to use " " before and after the word or title. IE: "roof", "A", "footer"

Using the "" enables the specific text to be searched and will eliminate the inclusion of the search returning extensions of the text.

For example, without the " " if you search roof your search will return all results including: roofing, proof, etc.

The search box is located in the upper left hand corner of the Plans menu.

When a project is uploaded, a scanning icon will appear in the upper left letting you know the plans are being scanned.  

When the scanning icon no longer appears, the plans are ready to be searched.

You can search by sheet title or keywords on the plan pages.  The search results will show in separate columns.  One column for Title search results, and another for Content search results.

Simply click on a plan name to view the plan page, or click Exit Search to return to the Overview tab to view all the thumbnail plan images.

Tip#2: Make sure to use our Autoname feature prior to using Plan Search to ensure the best results.

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