Sending your projects in Dodge to your STACK account is really easy and can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

Start by logging into your Dodge account and opening the project you want to send to STACK. Once inside the project, click the 'Share' button. 

*Note*  The emails associated with your Dodge and  STACK accounts must be identical. 

A small window will pop-up on your screen with a few different sharing options. First, select the STACK icon.

Next, click the 'Share' button. 

*Note* If this is the first time you've sent a project from Dodge to STACK, you will be asked to confirm the email address associated with your STACK account.

Your project will now appear on your STACK bid calendar on the day you shared it from Dodge. It will include details such as the project name as well as all of your plan pages. 

It's important to note that projects shared directly from Dodge have a few limitations:

  • Users cannot add or delete plan pages
  • Users cannot create folders
  • Users cannot edit plan page names manually or using Autoname

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