Received an Invitation to bid from smartbidnet? It's very easy to add the project to your STACK bid calendar.  

This email will have general information about the project.  To access the project, click the orange banner that says Click here to view this project.  

The link will take you to the website.  Scroll down to the Plan room section.  Simply put checkmarks in the documents you are interested in, and click the green Takeoff in STACK button.

You will be guided to a screen to either login, or create a free STACK account.

Once you sign-in or create an account, you will be directed into the project.  The project is also added to your STACK bid calendar. 

It's important to note that projects brought over from the smartbidnet integration have a few limitations:

     * Users cannot add or delete plan pages
     * Users cannot create folders
     * Users cannot edit plan page names manually or using Autoname
     * Users can not keyword search for text within the plan pages
     * Users cannot print plans from the project
     * Users cannot use autocount 

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